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Support your local roller girls!

26 July 2014

If you’re a local resident of Brighton, or even if you’re just passing through, there’s a Brighton based all-female, all-skates-all-the-time group that you simply have to see…

Roller derby has taken the world by storm. This quad skate-based sport started in America. In its most recent resurgence, the sport began to really flourish and now, with 1,250 amateur leagues worldwide and a World Cup under its belt (with another due on December of this year), this exciting athletic sport will captivate you. Somewhere between the grace of an ice skater, the strategic smarts of a chess player and the muscle of a rugby athlete lies the roller girl; indeed, this sport is most famous for its female teams which is contrary to almost every other sport out there. In roller derby, it’s the female teams that dominate the track.

You don’t have to look too far nowadays to find a roller derby team and Brighton is no different.

Brighton’s resident team, Brighton Rockers Roller Derby, will be putting on an open bout, inviting the public to see them play against opponents Croydon Roller Derby “for a southern showdown”.

The event is happening at the Dolphin Leisure Centre. Doors open at 2.30pm with the game starting at 3pm.

For more information, and to buy tickets, go to:!events/c19mh

Good luck, girls!

Getting to support your local roller girls:
The event won’t be in Brighton as Brighton Rockers are currently seeking a venue to call their home, but is only a short train ride away. It’s also a good excuse to visit Haywoods Heath, neighbouring town to Brighton, which has some great attractions including Nymans Gardens, Borde Hill Garden and Wakehurst Place. For more information, check out the below map:

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