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Brighton is calling out all the science geeks!

6 February to 2 March

One of Brighton’s key events is the Brighton Science Festival 2014. The festival welcomes you into the world of science and offers many exciting activities for curious minds. The Brighton Science Festival began eight years ago to help people of all ages to discover where we came from and where we might be going in the future. Although the Festival is for people all ages, it particularly focuses on kids between 12-14 years old, just to show them that science isn’t ‘boring’ at all. And it isn’t!

There are various fun workshops to attend, for example, the Raspberry Pi workshop where you can discover the powers of the Raspberry Pi or attend the Peace Paper Workshop where you will learn about the technology of papermaking as well as the history of the Peace Paper project. Also, you can join different debates like the ‘what if…?’ debate, where various economical topics are discussed. You can throw in your own topic as well!

These are just a few of all the amazing events during the festival! So go to Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates. Twitter: @BrightonScience, Facebook: Brighton Science Festival, or go to the official Brighton Science Festival website:

Some of the tickets can be bought at Tickets Brighton Science Festival, but most of the event tickets can be bought by the individual venue of organiser. For more information about where to buy tickets, go to:

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Getting to the Brighton Science Festival:
The events take place at various locations throughout Brighton. For more information, go to: