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Booth Museum of Natural History


Take your family and friends to the fascinating museum, Booth Museum of Natural History, with over half a million specimens, natural history literature and data extending back over three centuries. There are various exhibits, including insects, a killer whale skeleton, dinosaur bones and hundreds of British birds set in their recreated natural settings. In addition, there are special exhibitions, research facilities, children’s activities, educational programmes and a museum shop for you to enjoy.

The museum was founded in 1874 by Edward Thomas Booth, an ornithologist. The first collections were those of stuffed British birds (his lifetime collection) and have grown to include plants, minerals, insects and rocks. It was Mr. Booth’s goal to try and capture an example of every single British bird in existence. The oldest specimens that can be found in the collection are dinosaur bones, shells and fossils which date back to when the dinosaurs roamed Sussex! Also, the butterfly collection has over 650 types of colourful butterflies on display. To find out more about the collection at the museum, click here.

Not only can you see natural history at the museum, you can also get ‘hands on’ in the interactive Discovery gallery which has various events and activities for families and children.

How to get to the Natural History Museum
The museum is a 16 minute bus ride from umi Hotel Brighton or a 23 minute walk. You can take buses 14,14C, 27C or 77 from Queens Road. For more information, check out the map below (zoom our for a better view, if required).


Have a fascinating time!
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