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Into The Blue

Now until 21 January

“Do you know why there are no mammals with blue fur? Or what a Khillazon is?” Find the answers to these questions and more at the family friendly exhibition of all things blue. Hosted by the collections of the Royal Pavilion & Museums, Into The Blue is a journey of discovery in science, art and history.

The exhibition starts with a collection of blue minerals to find out about pigment and paint through the ages and which shade was called ‘the diamond of pigments’. Explore the evolutionary story of birds, bugs and mammals to discover which colours creatures see, and how they perceive the world. 

The exhibit leads to the discovery of some fascinating facts and the investigation of some intriguing questions. For example, how does blue feature in decoration, both for humans and animals? Why is the sky blue? And which creature amongst us all has the best eyesight? 

Excited to find out? Visit Into The Blue and get answers to these questions as only the colour blue can. 

Admission to this exhibition is free.

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Getting to Into The Blue: Into The Blue is displayed at the Hove Museum & Art Gallery. From umi Hotel Brighton, walk North along west street and turn left into Cranbourne Street where you can take bus 6 direct to Hove Museum & Art Gallery. This bus journey will take approximately 20 minutes. For more information, check out the below map (zoom out for better view):

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