Calling all science geeks!

The annual Brighton Science Festival 2015 is coming to Brighton this February! Returning for its tenth year, the festival shows that there’s a lot more to science than test tubes and prime numbers. Here’s a list of why you shouldn’t miss this year’s edition:

1.  Talks and demonstrations
Enjoy different talks and demonstrations from some of the favourites from last year, including Robin Ince, Helen & Kat Arney, Richard Wiseman and Matt Parker. The talks and demonstrations range from plagues to the paranormal. The hosts will show you their brand new shows which will definitely get you thinking and laughing! Or you can ask questions at one of the many talks, with topics ranging from OCD, sex and drugs to heavy metal and bicycles. Experience hands-on demonstrations, live experiments and engaging talks for over a month in Brighton!

2.  The little ones
The Science Festival is for all ages and therefore you can take the little ones too! Let them experience different activities and demonstrations, including building a robot, investigating a crime scene or letting them hang out with a boa constrictor. Don’t worry, it’s really all for children.

3.  Events
There are more than 70 events to discover for all ages. You can choose from various fun workshops, such as ‘Let’s Build Robots!’ at the MakerLab from 10:00am to 12:00pm or ‘Rocket Challenge Design’, where you can build and test fire your own air-powered rocket! Check out all the events, here.

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The festival welcomes you into the world of science and offers many exciting activities for curious minds so mark your calendars and get stuck in!

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