The Kemp Town Carnival

7 June 2014
The Kemp Town Carnival used to be a community collaboration between Sussex House and St. Georges and has been around since the mid nineties. Over the years, the street festival has grown tremendously in size and celebrates this summer with the theme of Flowers.

The festival is situated in the heart of Kemp Town Village, where local businesses and community groups get the chance to show their products and talents. The carnival works together with various community groups and education services, including: The Brighton School of Samba; The Sussex University Fencing Club; The Academy of Creative Training; The Middle Street choir; and many more! 

The Carnival is a fun day out for the whole family. You can enjoy the children’s parade, break dancing, street theatre, circus skills, belly dancers, choir and don’t forget the grand custard pie fight!

As the event is free to enjoy for everyone, various Brighton artists and musicians have helped to make it all possible over the years through fund raising! You can make a personal donation to the festival this year as well and to see what you will get in return, click here.

To get in the mood for the festival, click here to watch pictures from previous years.

You can also get involved in the next Carnival or volunteer. Click here to discover how.

Enjoy the Kemp Town Carnival!

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