Take a hike!

1. Breeze up to the Downs
This bus service network links Brighton with popular countryside destinations in the South Downs National Park, so you can leave your car at home. You can check when the buses are running at: http://www.buses.co.uk or you can phone (01273) 886200. The South Downs National Park is home to more than 110,400 people and is spread out over an area of over 1.600 km2.

For more information about the area, go to: http://www.southdowns.gov.uk/.

2. Nymans Gardens
The Nymans Gardens are open all year round, but if you visit it right now, you will experience the initial bursts of spring in bloom. The Messel family created the amazing garden with experimental designs. The plants in the garden come from all over the world. You can take a stroll in the garden and relax or you can take a guided walk. Keep in mind that there is no public transport available to Nymans Gardens directly, but parking is free and alternatively, Metrobus routes 271 and 273 stop nearby.

For more information about the Nyman Gardens, go to: http://bit.ly/1mIN4wq

3. Walk a llama
This may sound a bit unusual, but you can actually walk a llama! This guided walking tour (don’t worry, the llama isn’t going to be your guide) leads you through the breath-taking scenery of Ashdown Forest. Llamas are bred for trekking, so they will happily and peacefully walk next to you. The walk takes about an hour and is only suitable for anyone above the age of 14 years.

To check out funny llama pictures, and for more information, go to: http://bit.ly/1duGmk0

For more walking trails, tours and areas, visit the following website: http://bit.ly/1mFd2kr.

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