Jeff Koon Exhibition in Brighton

Now to 8 September 2013

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery will be the location of world famous Jeff Koons’ exhibition! Koon is widely regarded as one of the worlds most influential and important living artists. With his collection of both contemporary and modern art, he demonstrates the power of consumer industries and specificity of taste.

His work is known as Neo-pop or Post pop and is a fresh take on simplistic ideas. His exhibition will include some of his most famous pieces such as incased vacuum cleaners and basketballs as well as oversized kitsch objects. This museum is free entrance and includes many other galleries such as the Performance and Fashion and Style gallery. They both celebrate style, accessories, and pieces that were famous from the Regency period to Modern Day!

Opening times are Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm

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Getting to the Jeff Koon exhibition: This exhibition is being held at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. Check out the below map for directions. Zoom out to view the map in full!

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