Moscow Peace Marathon

Some of the most spectacular athletes of our time have risen from the flames of the Olympics, most notably the Jamaican athletics dream team that is Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake, inspiring a generation to take to the track and become the stars of the future.

If you don’t fancy your chances as the next Bolt or Blake, but do fancy yourself as a bit of a runner, then why not get involved with the world of sport around you? The Moscow Peace Marathon is an ideal place to begin your sporting journey. The unique setting hosts three races to entice everyone from the dedicated distance runners to the less experienced, but none the less enthusiastic, novices and intermediates. Taking place on Sunday 9th September 2012 are three fantastic races that really offer something for everyone. Of course there’s the marathon, quite the distance at 42km, but there is also a 10km race and ‘The Moscow Mile’, which welcomes families and those with disabilities to get involved.

The setting of the three races is entirely unique, providing breathtaking scenery to make or an incredible race. starting right behind St. Basil’s cathedral on Red Square, the course leads you down the Moscow River beside the Kremlin, towards Christ the Saviour Church. What better way to drink in the sights of such a beautiful city?

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