Whalefest Brighton

Whalefest is the must-see event for everybody with a passion for whales, dolphins, and whale watching! So be part of something big in 2011. Join us at Whalesfest, share your stories, meet with like-minded folk, and discover all the amazing whale and dolphin watching trips and charitable activites taking place around the UK and across the world.

BLUBBER BELLY! - Step inside a whale’s stomach and experience the weird and wonderful world of the Blubber Belly.
REFLOAT A WHALE - Get involved in saving a beached whale as you assist our team of marine mammal medics in refloating a stranded whale.
REAL-TIME WHALE WATCHIN’ - Take to the water (indoors) and experience real-time encounters with whales and dolphins. Put on your lifejacket, jump aboard a boat and head out to sea accompanied by our expert guide.
BEACH WALK - The sea is just a five minute walk from WhaleFest, so head for the beach, meet our wildlife watching team and discover the incredible marine life on our doorstep.