Earthship Brighton: Destination – Sustainability

Just outside of Brighton, an earthship has been built to demonstrate how sustainable living can be achieved.

The earthship was the first of its kind built in England. It is constructed out of recycled materials and natural, renewable resources to keep a low impact in the construction process. The building is designed to absorb the sun’s rays to heat the building during the winter months and is heavily insulated using old tires and earth. All of its energy comes from renewable sources like photovoltaic and solar panels and wind turbines. The earthship harvests its water for free by collecting rainwater. All of its waste is treated on site using plants and natural processes.

Tours of Earthship Brighton are giving once or twice a month for £5. The tour lasts about an hour to an hour and a half and explains why the earthship was built, as well as, how it functions. Visit Earthship Brighton to learn more and plan a visit. It is easy to get to Earthship Brighton from umi’s seafront hotel by bus or train. The train to Falmer Station is a short walk to the meeting point for the tour. The number 25 bus which leaves from Churchill Square just across from umi Hotel Brighton also goes with in a short walk through Stanmer Park. Plan your trip to Brighton Earthship and umi Hotel Brighton.