Burning the Clocks to Welcome Longer Days

Light from lanterns floods the night sky to celebrate the winter’s solstice and the lengthening of the days to come. A parade of lanterns some more large and extravagant than others files through the city. Each lantern reflects its maker’s ideas about and wishes for the coming year. Once the parade reaches the beach, the beautiful pyrotechnic display begins, as each lantern is set ablaze. The burning of the lanterns is accompanied by a fireworks display. All the of the fire rises into the night sky to celebrate the winter solstice and the coming of the sun and longer days.

People across the city are encouraged to make their own lantern for the event at one of the many workshops offered. However, due to safety regulations only individual lamps made at one of these workshops can be brought to the event. The winter solstice is on the 21 of December this year. The festivities are expected to begin around 6:30 that evening. The parade will end on the beach just across from umi Hotel Brighton. The best spot to watch the parade is on Madeira Drive just down the road a block or two from the budget seafront hotel.

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