Brighton’s Big Screen

23 August to 26 September 2013

Free Cinema? Can’t pass that up. Brighton’s Big Screen is opening on 23 August for a full month of beachfront entertainment. From blockbuster hits like Les Miserables and Life of Pi to classics and documentaries, the Big Screen will feature movies suitable for everyone. Live sporting events such as the World Athletic Championships LIVE will also be streamed on the beach for viewing.

Coming with a family? You can guarantee a seat and free popcorn for two adults and two children with family tickets! VIP seating is also available for those that are looking for the posh treatment. This year, the festival is situated next to the Brighton pier and Wheel. Can’t beat that location!

This year’s Big Screen is sure to outshine what the program has provided in the past. Theme weekends and nights is a new feature for the 2013 program. Special live performances, and opportunities to meet the starts will be an amazing new highlight.

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The Big Screen will be held at ‘Pop up Brighton’ which is half way between the pier and the wheel. For more information, see the map below (zoom out for a better view).

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