Behind the scenes at Preston Manor

25 October to 15 November

Have you ever visited a historic property and just wanted to walk free between the furniture to really feel like that landlord or majestic lady? Now you can at Preston Manor!This very special tour takes you through that ‘private’ marked door. You’ll go upstairs, downstairs and backstairs in this beautiful Edwardian manor house. You will go down into cellars and up concealed servants’ staircases, into bedrooms, corridors and kitchens not normally part of the public route. You will hear new information that is not available on standard house tours, is not covered by the guidebooks, and visit the 1905 extension. Discover the secrets and surprises concealed behind the everyday face of this intriguing one-time family home.

One of the many secrets that rest on the Preston Manor is the fact that the house might be haunted.
Preston Manor has a long history of ghostly phenomena and supernatural experiences. The Stanford family were particularly troubled by sightings of the lady in white, while a lady in grey apparently ascended and descended the main staircase disappearing into nowhere.

To really empathise into the lives and feelings of the Preston Manor, this tour is a one of a kind experience!

Tickets cost £6.20 for adults and £3.30 for children under 16.

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Getting to the Preston Manner: There are a multiple ways going from umi Hotel Brighton to the Preston Manor. By walking, head North along Queen’s Road, right through the centre of Brighton. Afterwards, you keep on walking past Stanford Ave and turn left into Beaconfields Village. Preston Manor will be at the end of Beaconfields Village. This walk will take you about 40 minutes.

If walking is too far, you can always take the bus. Number 5B stops in front of Preston Manor.
For more information, check out the below map (zoom out for a better view).

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