Ardal O’Hanlon Stand Up Comedy

15 September 2013

The star of entertaining sitcom ‘Father Ted’, Ardal O’Hanlon is visiting the Theatre Royal in Brighton as part of his UK tour. His humour is observational and is based on life itself and its oddities. Lurking beneath Ardal’s mild mannered demeanour resides a sharp and probing comic brain. In a comprehensive set, he talks about not just the things that matter but also about the things that don’t matter at all, which covers pretty much everything.

Sometimes thoughtful, often silly, always funny, O’Hanlon will captivate the Theatre Royal, in the same way that he has enthralled audiences all over the world. It is a must see if you are in Brighton on the 15th September.

Tickets : The prices change each day but tickets are somewhere between £15 and £30.

Getting to the Ardal O’Hanlon show The show is a short walk away from umi Hotel Brighton. For more information, check out the below map (zoom out for a better view).

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