Brighton is calling out all the science geeks!

6 February to 2 March

One of Brighton’s key events is the Brighton Science Festival 2014. The festival welcomes you into the world of science and offers many exciting activities for curious minds. The Brighton Science Festival began eight years ago to help people of all ages to discover where we came from and where we might be going in the future. Although the Festival is for people all ages, it particularly focuses on kids between 12-14 years old, just to show them that science isn’t ‘boring’ at all. And it isn’t!

Into The Blue

Now until 21 January

“Do you know why there are no mammals with blue fur? Or what a Khillazon is?” Find the answer to these questions and more at the family friendly exhibition of all things blue. Hosted by the collections of the Royal Pavilion & Museums, Into The Blue is a journey of discovery in science, art and history.

Go for something to drink or eat in Brighton!


Brighton has many great food and beverage places to offer. That’s why we’ve come up with this great list of four places to go to in Brighton for the best food and drinks! From breakfast to coffee, Brighton has something to enjoy for anyone!

Shopping in Brighton


Brighton is a great place for all your shopping needs. At The Lanes and the North Laine, shopaholics can go crazy and wild in Brighton’s own shopping walhalla. If you’re looking to put a creative edge into your shopping, Brighton Lanes offer a shopper’s paradise of independent shops and boutiques. Brighton Lanes’ historic quarter is a fabulous maze of twisting alleyways, twittens and catcreeps offering an extraordinary mix of antiques and jewellery shops nestling alongside specialist contemporary and designer boutique fashion.