Best Winter Walk – The Undercliff Walk


The Undercliff Walk in Brighton is a less well known treasure that is definitely worth discovering.
It’s a beautiful walk where you will discover a 25m high Chalk Cliff. Taking the walk is akin to walking along a battlement but “the enemy is not an army or even a navy, but the sea.” The walk starts by the Marina and goes 5km past Ovingdean and Rottingdean to Saltdean. The wall was built originally in the 1930s to prevent to erosion of the chalk cliffs which forms over 85,000,000 years ago.

Walking along it - especially on a bright day - is an almost surreal experience. After a few minutes, you leave behind the sprawl of the modern Brighton Marina with its shops and flats, and experience the contrast of the dazzling white chalk cliffs and changing shore on the other. And then rockpools, shingle and great rocks! The white of the cliffs and the concrete on a sunny day really can be overpowering - sunglasses are essential.

There are small beaches at each of Ovingdean, Rottingdean and Saltdean. The pubs and shops of Rottingdean are a few minutes’ walk from the path. And the big attraction is that the beaches are much quieter than those in central Brighton.

Getting to the Undercliff Walk: The Undercliff Walk start at Brighton Marina Village. You can walk along the beach from umi Hotel Brighton to Marina Village, but you can also take bus 12A. Walk up to North Street where the bus will take you directly to Marina Village from there. Walking takes about 35 minutes. Going by bus takes 20 minutes. For more information, check out the map below (zoom out for a better view):

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