The warmer it gets, the less you pay!

Spring is here and temperatures are rising. Why not be impulsive and drive down to Brighton for some last minute fun! There’s no need to worry about a place to stay, umi Hotel Brighton is more than happy to welcome you. Because we like people who are game for an adventure we would like to introduce The Degree Discount to you! The temperature of today in percentage form, is your discount on tonight’s stay.

All you need to do is use the discount code DEGREE1. Book now!

Check the weather forecast

Terms and conditions:
1. Discount is only applicable for selected rooms each day. Check availability to see which ones. 
2. The discount is set by the top temperature at the time the offer is activated and does not change for that day if the temperature fluctuates.
3. The discount is only applicable on the day of booking and is not transferable.
4. It is possible to use the discount code if you book a room over the phone.